Communication to rely on.

IP-Only internet connection meets the highest standards of performance, reliability, flexibility and security. In addition, you get the option of a variety of additional safe options, such as managed firewall or DDoS protection.

Benefits of the Internet from IP-Only

Our internet service meets the highest standards of performance, reliability, flexibility and security.


Since many of IP-Only’s customers are content providers, you usually do not need to leave our network when browsing, which gives you an incredibly fast experience.


We know what makes an internet connection safe. DDoS Protection and firewalls can be ordered as an option if required.


We always make sure that your traffic takes the shortest possible way to their destination. Our open peering policy makes us neutral in our traffic exchanges.

Take the fastest route

Our peering policy with many direct traffic exchanges means your traffic takes the shortest and fastest possible route. We also offer a number of security enhancements. For example, you can get traffic analysis and deactivation of DDoS attacks with DDoS-Protection. Control your users and your traffic with our central firewall. You have many safe reasons to choose IP-Onlys as an ISP, and the main thing is obvious: fast and secure connection.

Fast technical benefits

  • An open peering policy provides both good performance and high robustness
  • NOC staffed 24/7 offers continuous monitoring and prompt action at events
  • Delivered in capacities up to and over tens of Gbps
  • Back, redundancy or full diversity as an addition, make sure your connection is as reliable as possible
  • The majority of options such as ex. Firewall, protection against DDoS attacks
  • IPv6 and IPv4 Dual stacked, both networks in the same connection